Email Marketing Strategy For Online Retail Stores

If you have an online shopping portal or online shopping store then you should know that emails are not dead, but they just changed their way of interacting. It is still growing more than other channels and making more profit than most popular social media channels.

email marketing for online retail stores

This post is mainly focused on the retail perspective of emails, as we at 171 mails have been studying different newsletters from online merchants focused on home appliances, jwellery, lifestyle products etc. What you are going to read next is the verdict of our study that came about.

FREE Delivery!
Ok that may have came out in a wrong way but what we are trying to make a point that you should emphasize the factors why customers should buy from you.

Free delivery is definitely something that is eye-catching enough especially if you are advertising in your area, why buy somewhere else if you can buy on a regional online store that gives you 100 % free delivery.

Make your recipient’s experience unique by providing them with a purpose why they should keep their emails with you and why they should read your emails too. It may be something that you are promoting now or you may offer later on. Make your customers experience unique and special, that they are the only ones who can get this offer because they are part of your subscribers list.

Personal touch
It can also be called as segmentation or compartmentalization in sender’s point of view. You can customize emails on the basis of certain behavior that you have observed about your customers. It can greatly increase your sales conversation.

Imagine if you can pitch them something that is relevant to their past buying patterns, would not that be an excellent strategy.

After researching on a series of retail email newsletters from well known brands, we have come to a certain outcome on what can work in the terms of content.

Direct Approach
Very typical and most secure email newsletter to send is select a product or a few from your stock that you want to feature and send a newsletter of it with the proactive approach, Purchase Now, or Buy Now, or Buy this product.

Buy this and get this free promotion
Another typical way of endorsing your products/services is by providing freebies or giveaway stuff that would add value to the primary product you are promoting. We found this type of offers on the products/services that usually has premium price.

Usable Content
Small tips and tricks are the things that might be appropriate for your customers to know. As long as you nourish your customer’s mind and ask nothing in return back is always an excellent relationship for an eCommerce business.

Understand and win your subscribers trust, the more they read the greater the probability that when a really awesome offer is sent that they would open that too.

Mobile Friendly
5/10 email newsletters we have received are mobile friendly technically. Is mobile really are here and prepared to make the numbers? We think the response to this is YES. Mobiles are here and they will just keep increasing.

You have to take the advantage of that and send your emails across anytime.

In summary, well, some people educate and some people do. We are more of the Do type, so let us work with your business and see how suitable your promotion through email marketing is for your business. Let’s customize it, make more content for it, and start converting.

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  1. Quite easy to manage email marketing strategy for retail or wholesale store. This definitely can create engagement, increase number of returning buyers and of course increase the sales dramatically. Probably the best way to announce promotions.

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