How To Use Email To Generate Traffic For Website

You want some decent amount of traffic on your website but more than that you need the kind of visitors who wants to do business with you. All the traffic in the world is worthless unless you make some sale out of it. Expecting sale from every visitor of your website is like expecting purchase from every customer in the shop or like cold calling. No one likes sales pitch direct into their face. So what can you do to motivate people to buy from you?

Email Marketing For Traffic Generation

How can you use email marketing to drive visitors to buy from you?

While establishing a good email marketing campaign if you want to stay on top of your game you need to consider many things like an email service provider with good service and reputation who deliver your emails to the prospects. Sending emails on regular intervals with proper strategy will increase customer’s knowledge of the brand and deliver chunks of information which will remain in their minds for long time. Relationship building and relationship nurturing is the most important thing in email marketing strategy especially when you are going into cold market.

When you send the email to the prospect developing trust will take some time and finally he decides to make the buying decision when he trusts completely. Testing what works in each email will improve the performance of your campaign and grab the attention of your customers. Many factors like being creative, offering unique information, offering ongoing support will help developing the trust factor with customers.

Building an opt-in list is one of the most popular and effective ways to make sure that people come back and visit your website on regular basis for new information and offers. The reason for this is very simple you offer them such a new concept that they will keep coming back for more.

Also ask your subscribers about their problems and try to publish their solutions on your website or blog, this is again one of the tested ways to drive traffic and build relationship with your customers. You are supplying useful information and that’s why you should expect results, but wait a minute did you added the conclusion to your information? Including conclusion will result in an equally compelling opt-in lead. Because if your readers want to know more about what you are offering they will opt-in.  Something like a free 6 weeks course will do the trick this is just an example you need to be more creative about it.

Different online tools like blogs, ebooks etc will help establishing your email campaign, but you need to concentrate on what your customers want? It’s important to give them something worth value of their time in return for their contact information and permission. This will lead you to a big email list after which the next thing you do is to set-up an auto responder email series which will help you attracting more traffic and more sales.

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