Why Good Subject Lines Increase Open Rate?

When you are using email as a marketing channel there is a part where you have to focus much more than any other elements. That is the ‘Subject Line’ of email. The rules of writing a good subject line are changed since the beginning but there are some basic elements of it that are still in play. And also one thing that is remained same is a good subject line is the element that gets your email opened. And if your email didn’t got opened whatever cool information, sale offer etc you have crafted is equal to non-existent.

good subject lines get more open rate

How can you expect the receiver to open an email if he doesn’t connect with the information you are providing in the subject line? Believe it or not there is not much you can do if you can’t make a positive first impression. So the one and only rule you should follow to be a successful email marketer is to always provide value that connects to people in your subject line. A good subject line attracts the attention of people and motivates them to go through your email. So how do you craft a good subject line that offers value?

1. The Undeniable Offer:If the email is about a special promotional offer, a new product or service, or a discount sale, make sure you put this piece of information into the subject. Give them a glimpse of what is waiting in that email for them, let them know that this is their opportunity to save money, time and efforts on something that they are already interested in. Tell them what and how much they are going to save with the information that is inside that email and why it is so important for them to go through it.

2. Develop the Feeling of Urgency: Are they never going to see this offer? Is there a last date or something? Developing a feeling of urgency is the oldest practice in the marketing book, because it creates a psychological reaction with readers. When something needs instant action, it makes people to observe it and think about it. It is more complicated to neglect information with a due date or time stamp on it, rather than just a common subject line about products or services.

3. Provide them with a Purpose to Read: It your email does not contain any special promotional offer or there is not any urgency or last date, then how do you make them open it? Give then a hint or tease allow them to guess what they are exactly going to get when they open the email. For example Scoop It sends me an email every day with the subject line, “New articles to read”. Simple to the point and if I want to read new information that day, I will open it up.

There is one more thing left to this equation, no matter how much you think that you have created an awesome subject line, always test more subject lines to understand what your readers want.

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