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SMTP Relay Service

You don’t need to manage your own SMTP server since 171mail’s SMTP relay service allows you to send marketing & transactional email quickly and efficiently.

smtp relay service


Send emails at the right time to reach inboxes

You can confidently send system notifications and marketing emails to your contacts.


Increase the delivery rate of your emails

Use SMTP services that provide authenticated domain names and clean IP addresses to get your message into the inbox. It is our deliverability experts who manage and monitor sender reputation and blocklisting.

The most unexpected pricing plans

SMTP - Basic
  • Upto 500k Monthly Send*
  • 1000 Mails / Hour
  • Auto List Cleaning
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4
  • 1 Dedicated IPv6**
  • Personal Deliverability Advice


SMTP - BusinessPopular
  • Upto 1.5 MM Monthly Send*
  • 3000 Mails / Hour
  • Auto List Cleaning
  • 2 Dedicated IPv4
  • 2 Dedicated IPv6**
  • Personal Deliverability Advice


SMTP - Premium
  • Upto 3 MM Monthly Send*
  • 6000 Mails / Hour
  • Auto List Cleaning
  • 4 Dedicated IPv4
  • 4 Dedicated IPv6**
  • Personal Deliverability Advice


SMTP - Custom
  • More than 3MM Monthly Send*
  • Auto List Cleaning
  • Multiple Dedicated IPv4
  • Multiple Dedicated IPv6**
  • Personal Deliverability Advice


E-mail marketing is the most rewarding form of promotion that churns out the highest ROI for your business. It helps you present your services in an on-point manner to your clients and prospects. To make sure your emails are properly landing into the prospect’s primary mailbox and not in spam, you need to have a good SMTP relay.

SMTP is a kind of ’email transfer agent’ that ensures your emails are being delivered to all your recipients. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is a robust backend that aids your business to send, receive, and relay the messages between senders and receivers. SMTP accurately receives outgoing emails from the sender and delivers to the recipient’s closest server that ensures a higher delivery rate.

Robust & Value-Driven SMTP Relay Services

Services That Makes Us Stand Out

We Bring Industry-leading Benefits For you
Track progress of your campaigns in real-time with us
Integrate any of your existing email clients to get started
Get higher delivery and open rate with our SMTP Relay
More than 100MM suppression data
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